Threading isn't a new beauty technique but it works for when on a budget and needs to be done fast (there are way more advanced and permanent techniques that take time, money and efforts not to forget the 'healing process').

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Eyebrow threading simply involves cleaning out unruly hairs around the brow with 'thread' and a great thing about the technique is it can be done at home by oneself (and professionals as well which is best). It's one of the neatest ways to define the brows as they come out perfect even when the brows are not 'defined' or worked on for the day, they simply make the brows sharp enough to be left the way they are to carry on through the day.

There are several ways to tame the brows from waxing, tattoos, tweezing, shaping with razor/hair removal cream and recently microblading, the list is endless but threading is also a perfect way to get those brows on fleek! It still leads as a top beauty technique and even better you can learn to do it yourself!

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