It's a simple beauty technique where the upper (usually dead) skin layer on the face and body is gotten rid of to reveal newer skin. Exfoliation can be done often/daily at home (some products like scrubs and other exfoliants are gentle enough to be used daily).

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Exfoliating scrubs generally contain a mild abrasive, such as tiny beads, crushed almond shells, pumice, or sugar or salt crystals. You can manually exfoliate using a brush or loofah made for the purpose.

This beauty process is great for younger looking skin, safe to use to get rid of ingrown hairs and keeps the skin clear and blemish free. It's important however to not over exfoliate as this can dry out the skin, tear the skin (when scrubs are massaged into the skin too hard) and cause breakouts.

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It's important to get to know what works for the skin before exfoliating, arriving at a frequency (daily, weekly, bi-weekly) and determining if at home techniques or professional ones help (though it's good to get professional exfoliation done once in a while).

A simple brush or scrub can be used to exfoliate at home. In addition to using simple tools at home:

1. Exfoliating parts of the body should be done weekly at least once or twice especially when using gentle scrub/exfoliating cleanser.

2. For best results, exfoliate while in the bathroom before taking a bath. While the skin is still dry, exfoliate with a body mitt or loofah to prepare the skin.

3. Dampen the skin afterwards, apply an exfoliating cleanser or scrub and exfoliate the body in short circular motion.

4. Rinse off body, you'd notice the skin in most cases feels smoother and cleaner almost instantly!