It's possible to highlight and contour as part of a makeup routine everyday without spending so much time trying to get it right/wasting time when one has to rush of to work.

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For highlighting and contouring, it's important to know the application style that suit one's skin tone as well as facial feature for instance what works on a square face will not work for a long or round face.

1. Start by applying normal face of makeup, making sure the foundation is blended well into the face.

2. Apply concealer under both eyes (to hide dark circles and create a smooth finish around the area) and areas like the chin, forehead and along the bridge of the nose.

3. Apply setting powder over the concealer and all over the areas in step 2. Leave to 'bake'

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4. Apply contour(stick) on areas of the face (to cast shadows) according to individual facial feature

5. Blend the contour seamlessly into the skin

6. Apply setting powder on the area for a seamless effect

7. Dust off excess area with brush

8. Apply setting spray