Beauty blenders should be thoroughly clean and its easy to ruin the skin with beauty blenders that are easily loaded with bacteria!

The beauty blender is as important as the product it helps put on, as so should be kept clean as otherwise, they cause skin blemishes and uncontrollable breakouts as they make perfect breeding place for bacteria when they are filled with dirts.

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Beauty blenders get dirty as they absorb a lot of products during makeup application and if left unclean could be the easiest way to infect the skin.

There are lots of cleaning sprays/cleaners for makeup applicators which don't necessary deeply clean the applicators, leaving you at the risk of getting bacteria under the skin so it's important to clean these makeup tools perfectly as well as sanitize them!

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A simple but extremely effective way to get rid of makeup and stains on the beauty blender is to use a dish washing liquid and olive oil! It's tried, tested and works!

1. Pour a small amount of dishwashing liquid in a clean bowl

2. Add (less than half  the amount of dish washing liquid of the oil) olive oil and mix lightly

3. 'Pick' the mix with the dirty beauty blender, make sure the beauty blender is saturated with the mixture

4. Gradually work up lather by gently rubbing the beauty blender (as you would if washing)

5. Rinse the beauty blender under running water

6. Let it airdry

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This tried and tested way works to get the beauty blender as good as new!

Would you try this simple method?