Matte lipstick lasts longer and stays put on the lips for hours and it has gradually become a favourite amongst ladies. Matte lips are also characterized by their long wearing abilities, matte lip wear stays and with good lipstick brands, it usually doesn't transfer (i.e it won't stain a glass you drink from or clothes you wear at any point).

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A lipstick finished matte is ever a desirable and unique; it's a look that can be pulled off at any time of the year (all season round) if done well. It's usually dry, intense but fab when worn well. To get the best out of matte lips, here are five tips to use:

1. Exfoliate the lips

Before applying matte lipstick(s), make sure the lips are exfoliated; clean and baby soft and smooth. Avoid wearing matte lipsticks on dry lips as they suck out moisture from the lips emphasizing lines and rough areas which is never a good sight when a matte lipstick is worn.

Always exfoliate the lips. This can be done at home with Shea butter/honey mixed with sugar and gently used on lips or a lip exfoliator can be used first before starting off the lipstick application.

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2. Moisturize the lips

The lips should be moisturized and left to lock in moisture before wearing matte lipwear. After exfoliating the lips, moisturize the lips and leave to absorb for a while, afterwards wipe lips clean and apply the matte lipstick.

3. Use a lip liner

When wearing matte lipsticks, use a lip liner first to define the area this will make sure the product doesn't bleed (go out of the lip area or cases where an illusion of bigger or smaller lips are to be created) afterwards neaten the lines along the lips with a concealer to make sure the area is tidy and lipstick 'popping.

4. Make it the last makeup worn on the face

Make the matte lipstick the last makeup product you wear so it stays fresh and stays put through the day.

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5. Blot excess with tissue

After applying a matte lipstick, blot off excess with a tissue that way it stays dry and fresh!