Dark circles and (or) puffy eyes are usually as a result of tiredness or lack of adequate sleep (reason it's called 'beauty sleep').

Other causes of dark circles and puffy eyes include hereditary, hormonal changes, crying excessively, poor diet and more.

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There are night creams that work for the eyes that could treat these conditions but otherwise these home remedies work just fine as well:

1. Chilled Teabags/Green Tea

Teabags contain antioxidants and other properties that reduces inflammation/swelling which helps refresh the skin around the eyes.

- Put used teabags or green tea in the fridge to get chilled (for about 40-50 minutes)

- Place them over closed eyelids (make sure your face/the area is clean) for around 15 minutes

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- Repeat this as necessary

2. Cold Spoon

Cold helps with skin tightening/firming. Using a cold spoon for instance to treat dark circles/puffy eyes helpsrelax the blood vessels and gets rid of swollen eyes.

- Put spoons in the fridge (metal ones) until they get very cold

- Hold the 'eating' portion of the spoon against/over the eyes for about 60 seconds.

-Switch with the other spoons/repeat as necessary.

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3. Cucumber

Cucumber helps reduce puffiness around the eyes.

-Cut cucumber into slices nd place them in the fridge for about 30 minutes

- Use the slices on the eyes for about 15 minutes at various intervals in the day