Orange is rich in Vitamin C which is great for the skin and skincare generally but dried orange peel also comes with its own benefits.

Dried orange peels apart from being used in tea blends and cooking work wonders on the skin (facial skin especially). The peel contains antiseptic that works wonders on skin notably lightening and glow.

Orange peels can be popped into the microwave to dry up before use or left to air-dry for a while before use. They work brilliantly to lighten dark spots/skin discolourations as a result of skin blemishes.

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1. Dry Orange Peels

2. Grind the dried orange peels into powder form

3. Mix the powdered orange peel with yoghurt to form a paste

4. Apply the paste on already cleansed skin

5. Leave the paste on for 20mins

6. Rinse off and allow the skin airdry before applying non-comedogenic moisturizer as per usual.

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Note: Use this once or at most twice a week for fast results.