Most Nigerian women look in the mirror at their naked bodies and try very hard not to frown or be disgusted. You don’t have to have kids to get stretch marks anymore. All you need do is grow, although having kids is also a form of growth, and so a major way to end up with stretch marks. It’s so bad that some stretch marks can get as wide as scars from cuts on the body and they you know you are doomed when it begins to disgust other people.

We Nigerians are known for taking things in stride and not stressing over issues. I have stretch marks? Oh well, if you don’t like it, take a hike. Although this habit could be good for confidence building, it just means that 90% of Nigerian woman have written off any cure for stretch marks and are basically dying in silence.

For the women out there who have given up hope for their bodies, here are some everyday tips that can help in your battle against stretch marks.

Some other natural remedies for stretch marks and more such as burns, and cuts are cocoa butter, castor oil, Olive oil and egg whites. They are safer and cheaper than the chemically induced removal creams.