When the skin goes a bit too oilier than it should, it gets frustrating. While oily skin comes with some benefits like aging well, nourishing, it could be annoying that make-up will not usually be in place, it tends to wear out and how frustrating can constant reapplication of make-up be!

Virginia Linzee, a professional makeup artist, has provided tips on oily skin fixes and we are loving them:

1. Prep Your Skin

Use a primer to make for a smooth make-up application. A primer sets your make-up and will keep your face dry, helping your make-up stay in place all day or night

2. Mattify

Before applying a foundation, the professional suggests using a light moisturizing mattifying lotion, this she says absorbs the excess oil the skin produces which helps to keep you matte. This she said works well under the foundation and keeps too much oil mixing with your foundation. It is important though to choose a lightweight lotion that absorbs into the skin and not one that clogs it.

3. Blot Before Touch-Up

Someone with an oily skin should always carry a blotting paper, they help remove shine without actually cleaning off your make-up. You can then re-apply your make-up if you think you are not wearing enough afterwards. Use the blotting paper on your T-zone especially to absorb excess oil.

Re-apply make-up sparingly but never pile on over the shine/ when the skin is still oily.

4. Hydrate 

Drink water as often as you can to keep your skin hydrated, if the skin is dehydrated, it produces more oil! Surprised? Us too. Make sure to drink at least your recommended eight glasses a day to stay hydrated. It is equally important to wear lightweight non greasy moisturizers; do not skip moisturizing.

As frustrating and high maintenance as oily skin can be, it almost never wrinkles, be glad you have it!