The idea of representation is huge in the beauty industry right now with beauty influencers of colour taking matters into their own hands. Alissa Ashley is the next in line to create an inclusive foundation range and

YouTube vloggers and Jackie Aina made a statement earlier this year when they teamed up to give refreshingly honest reviews of Tarte's Shape Tape foundation which was lacking when it came to its shade range.

They both tested out the foundations on camera and held nothing back when expressing their disappointment over the lack of representation. Now, a few months later, these ladies have put their money where their mouths are and their critiques have led to two extensive foundation ranges being created by the two respective influencers. Jackie Aina and the found of Too Faced, with Aina adding 11 new shades. The collaboration was an instant success.

Now, NYX Professional Makeup has brought on Alissa Ashley to create its ground-breaking 45-shade foundation collection which promises 24-hour light coverage.

NYX shared the news of  the 'Can't Stop Won't Stop' collab on Instagram, and fans immediately applauded the brand further proving that when everyone feels seen and heard, there is the potential to change lives and make money.

The NYX x Alissa Ashley collaboration will launch in an impressive 45 shades, we asked beauty vlogger Alissa Ashley, who collaborated with the brand on the upcoming release, to give us her insight on the subject of inclusion in beauty — and why she's uniquely fit to participate in such a partnership.

Speaking to Refinery 29, Alissa said, "I see brands make excuses such as, 'Oh, no one would buy this,' or 'That’s not our audience,' but when brands do provide these [darker] shades, most of them end up selling out," Ashley tells us. That's why she kept those darker shades in mind when helping NYX develop the upcoming foundation range. "We tried to fit in as many different undertones as possible," she says. "I’m always mixing two shades and a lot of people have that same problem, so we tried to eliminate that by making a lot of those in between shades.

We have the audience. I see a lot of people question brands going to beauty vloggers for help, and they say that we don’t really have the expertise to do so. But little do they know, we hear the complaints [from consumers], we hear what they want done and what they want to buy, so we’re able to give input because we know exactly what the customers want."

Alissa Ashley x NYX Can't Stop Won't Stop! | Jackie Aina