Everyone loves a perfect (well an almost) perfect dentition. It lightens up/ transforms your face. Beneath a perfectly coloured lips should lie an even more perfect set of dentition.

Unfortunately, not everyone is lucky to have a perfect albeit white set of dentition, which can be really frustrating especially when you want a picture perfect look!

Well, no more! There are some amazing tips you can try out to get that set of perfect white dentition.

Use a Bronzer

Naturally, using a bronzer gives you a healthy, natural looking glow. Try using the same all over your face for that glow that makes the white of your teeth instantly glow as well. This is a definite way to give your smile an instant pop.

Always Brush and Floss

Combining flossing with your routine brushing helps prevent a build-up of plagues which over a period causes discolouration.

Try as much as possible to brush two times daily and floss at regular interval. When you do this, you avoid discolourations which eventually help make your set of teeth white as they should be.

Use A Toned Lip Gloss In Blue

Naturally, when you apply a cool toned colour, you get an illusion of a whiter and brighter white (because of the contrast). Applying a lightly tinted blue lip gloss to your lips creates an illusion of a whiter and brighter set of teeth. "This happens because white the color of your teeth — is also a cool tone, so the gloss acts as a frame illuminating them." says Schlip a makeup professional.

Wear a Red Lipstick more

Wearing red lips often can also give an illusion of whiter teeth especially where the lipstick is a blue based (cool toned) one. The dentition appears brighter and whiter than they really are because of the intense contrast of the (red) lipstick against your (white set of) teeth.

Chew Crunchy Fruits and Veggies

Fruits and veggies are good for a healthy living as well as to keep your teeth looking white. Snacking on fruit like apples is good for the teeth because it helps “clean’ the teeth, a school of thought says "The friction caused by chewing these harder foods can help gently scrape away any plaque, which leads to staining"

Use a Straw Instead

Use a straw to drink your soda/ any coloured liquid to avoid stains and all which discolours your teeth. Also make a habit of rinsing your mouth after drinking red wine or sipping any coloured drink, this helps remove the colours on your saliva which could stain your teeth if left.

Whiten Your Teeth

People turn to teeth whitening these days, either through a visit to the dentist or using whitening strips-for instance, you can leave whitening strips on (your teeth of course!) for minutes every day and get results in a couple of weeks. You get whiter and brighter teeth, if it works and its convenient, then by all means.

Visit Your Dentist

By all means, visit your dentist every six months to get checked up. Getting your teeth cleaned as well helps, it removes plagues which can’t be easily brushed off at home on your own.

It is important you visit a dentist.