There are some beauty products that are best stored in cooler environments, and yes we are talking about your fridge!

From perfumes to moisturizers, there's no limit to this hack.

Keeping products cool can slow chemical reactions and ultimately end up extending the life of your beauty products.

Humidity from your bathroom, shower or cupboard, usually end up shortening the life of products, but keeping them cool slows down oxidation, so you’ll end up saving money and making less frequent trips to the drugstore or beauty counter.

Before you go ahead and give this hack a try, here are some things you need to know

Keep them in the fridge. From eye cream, moisturizer and perfume all work well when kept at a cooler temperature.

Be sure tighten the lids on all beauty products. This will keep them fresh and lasting longer.

Storing eye cream in the fridge will not only make it last longer, but the cooling effects will reduce puffy eyes as an added bonus!

Store any product with Vitamin C in the fridge. It will keep the vitamins from breaking down in the serums.

Do not keep them in open containers to avoid having your makeup smell like your food.

Do not let the products freeze. That just ruins them.

Do not forget to use your products. Some people even go as far as to purchase a cosmetic refrigerator that you store in your bathroom to keep products handy.

if you have kids at home, remember to label your beauty products so they are not eaten.