Coarse hair is prone to dry ends so its important to moisturize this hair type intensely.

If the hair is coarse it becomes a bit difficult to tame as comb wont run through smoothly which eventually results in breakage and split ends.

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For coarse hair its necessary to use products rich in Olive oil, Shea butter and more with nourishing and conditioning properties.

For a natural home remedy to get rid of coarse hair, honey and lemon work well together to soften and moisturize the hair. Find how to make this simple hair mask in easy steps below:

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1. Mix honey and lemon juice together properly and apply this on clean hair (without grease or oil)

2. Massage the mix gently into the hair and scalp

3. Wear a shower cap to cover the hair for about thirty to forty (30-40)minutes

4. Rinse out the mix with running tap water - do this so as not to dampen the effect of the honey

Repeat as necessary till the desired texture is gotten