Hair colours have become very advancedand getting funkier every day. Ordinary women, professionals, actresses, and even celebrities are all flowing with this hair trends.

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Revolutionise your hair colour is a great way to enhance your look and style.

Here are the 6 most trending hair colour you should try out.

Ecaille:Is a golden highlights, sun-kissed appearance hair style that looks on good round faces and beige-tan complexions.  This is a perfect fit for wavy and curly hair, as it gives the colour even more movement.

Pale Red:This is the most flattering hair colour for every skin tone.  This colour goes well with curls and the rich shade lights up the face and makes features stand out.

Icy White:With this hair make over you have to be ready to deal with the attention it brings. It looks amazing when done properly, it works perfectly with curls just make sure to keep your makeup fresh and light to match.

Indigo:This is a sassy hair highlight that goes perfectly well with deep shades of grey, to get a thumbs up from your fashion critics make sure you go on light makeup.

Deep Brown:In most official environment unicorn colours are not allowed. If you prefer to go the natural look this hair colour is ideal.  This shade works Perfect for women with pale skin.

Gray:If you are thinking of taking your hair colour to the next level go for gray highlight. It’s not the most flattering colour for the majority of skin tones but if you are dark in complexion this will work for you.

Which one of these hair colours is your favourite and why?