Mercury Retrograde is a three-week astrological cycle in which the energies associated with Mercury, communication and the mind, tend to

Life may seem to flow slowly and be more inexplicably confusing. It may also seem as if everything seems like more effort than usual.

During this Retrograde time, however, though your emotions and thoughts are your own, please understand that the planets energies may be affecting and amplifying certain hidden patterns within you.

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If the last few weeks have felt 'somehow', here are 7 possible ways that Mercury Retrograde has been messing with you.

1. You have found yourself in a deep dark funk that you simply cannot shift. You're questioning everything and just generally, not at peace.

2. You are having a major existential crisis right now. You are questioning your entire existence and nothing is as it should be.

3. Anything that could go wrong has or is going wrong. You spilt a drink on your favourite blouse, a passing car splashed water all over your outfit, you randomly tripped and fell over whilst walking. Pretty much all activities you could do normally are messing with you and it's frustrating.

4. Do you feel like you have no control over your emotions? Have you turned into the most sensitive version of yourself? Retrograde tends to make us super-sensitive and it can bring all your emotions to the surface.

5. You are spiralling in a bout of self-doubt. You cannot get your thoughts in order and nothing you do seems good enough. Retrograde messes with our self-esteem and makes us question EVERYTHING.

6. DO NOT MAKE ANY BIG DECISIONS RIGHT NOW. This will be the exact time that you want to quit everything, move, break-up, get married, make monumentally large decisions that you will live to regret it.

7. If you need to let it all out, now is the perfect time to do so. Right now, your emotions are raw and it's best to succumb to them instead of running away.