The Kardashian Family have been accused of appropriating black culture repeatedly in the past but is Kim's latest hairstyle, a step too far?

Kim Kardashian attended an exclusive Mugler event dressed in vintage designs from the French couture house. For her second look, Kim wore a white mini dress with shell detailing on the bust. More interestingly however, Kim wore her hair in a style that got people talking.

Kim Kardashian wearing a vintage Mugler dress with an interesting threaded hairstyle

Kim's hair was reminiscent of a traditional threading style used commonly by African women. African Threading is a traditional African hair styling technique. Black thread is used to wrap around strands of hair from the root all the way to the tips.

Vintage Nigerian hairstyle which include African threading which was often used as a protective style and to stretch hair

Speaking to Refinery29, afro hairstylist Charlotte Mensah says,"Hair threading is a technique of wrapping extra strong cotton, wool, yarn or nylon around sections of hair. All the styles are three-dimensional and are a combination of patterns etched on the scalp and threaded strands which are raised from the scalp. The hair becomes stiff but pliable and is easily coiled into bold geometric shapes. The length of the hair determines the simplicity or complexity of the style."

Traditional African threading hairstyle appropriated by Kim Kardashian

Threading was popularly used as a protective style. Whilst the thread was easily to manipulate and style, one's natural remained safely tucked away underneath it.

Another popular use of African threading was for length retention is to stretch, or even straighten, natural hair. For one, unlike the blow dryer, threading is a heatless, less damaging option. For two, threading is more effective at stretching than twists or plaits.

Whilst people aren't denying Kim the right to wear her hair how she sees fit, the outcry stems from her not giving due credit to where her hairstyles originate from. Whilst, to her, it may just be a another style, to many, there's years and years of history in that style that deserves to be acknowledged.

What are your thoughts?

Do you think Kim is appropriating or appreciating?

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