The brand name Vaseline has become a generic name for petroleum jelly. It is incredibly versatile but unfortunately even when we buy it as part of our beauty products we just leave it around at a corner of the dressing table.

But this versatile and rather cheap products has a lot more to offer.

1) It is used to tame the eyebrows. Apply a thin layer of layer of Petroleum Jelly across both brows and lightly comb back into place! It doesn't work perfect like a brow gel but it sure comes in handy.

2) It works well as a lip balm/ Vaseline helps moisturize, smoothen and soften the lips. You can equally use it overnight during harmattan to prevent dry/chapped lips, it leaves the lips visibly soft and soofth.

3) It can be used  on the cheekbones and above your brows to achieve a slightly chiseled cheekbones and a fresh/dewy look.

4) It can be used to mix remnants of your favourite lipsticks for instance to make a nice lip-stain (this rocks+ its a budget!)

5) Vaseline can be used on pulse joints before applying fragrance to make it last longer. Just add a thin layer before applying your favourite perfume.

6) It can be used on the fingernails and cuticles to make them soft and healthy. This totally works!