Christmas is a time to celebrate whether you are religious or not, so go ahead have fun in every way you can..

Here are 8 activities to try today :

1. Go for a Christmas Carol : Several concerts and carol services will be happening today, go ahead and attend one in the appreciation of the Christmas spirit.

2. Spend Christmas with your girlfriend/boyfriends family : If you are up for it, spend time with the family of your partner, its an opportunity get to know them better, hear funny stories from their childhoood. Suck up to their mum, help her in the kitchen.

3. Visit an orphanage:  Orphans need love too, take time out to visit one, put smiles on the faces of the children, give them a Christmas to remember.

4. Visit your friends you have not seen in a while :  Since most people are around during the holiday season and those who live far away are around, this is the time to hang out and catch up on lost times before 2014 comes and everyone goes back to their busy schedules.

5. Take a spontaneous trip: Do something unconventional, take a trip rather than stay home.

6. Gather your family or friends, sing Christmas carols, exchange gifts, watch movies together, reminisce on your favourite Christmas... end it with eating and dancing.

7. Go shopping : Who says you cant go shopping on Christmas day? It'll be crowded but it'll be fun if you have great company.

8. Do elaborate cooking with your family or friends, then maybe share it with your neighbours.