The body gives you sign for almost everything, it 'tells' you what really goes on with you by giving you signs you ordinarily will not feel; when it does it shouldn't be taken lightly.

There are signs your body gives you when you are piling on the pounds (even when losing it) that are obvious but sometimes we overlook them. To know when we are adding weight, we shouldn't overlook these signs.

1. When Clothes Don’t Fit

You want to rock your favourite pair of jeans on a night out and you suddenly discover it doesn't fit anymore then there it is!

2. When Your BMI Suggests Same

As often as we argue about the accuracy of a Body Mass Index, it is always accurate and when yours says you have then you most definitely have

3. When You Have Little/ No Energy

when you get tired constantly or feel sluggish often and if there is no history of a medical condition then you probably need to watch that weight.

4. When You Have No Idea What Goes Into Your Meal

When you have no idea what you eat/ calories you consume on the regular then it is time to stop to take note of this! An adult lady needs 2,000-2,500 calories per day to maintain a healthy weight.

5. When People 'Tease' You About It

When you get the 'are you adding weight' question often then it is probably true and you should take note of it.

6. When You Avoid Mirrors

When you look in the mirror and 'you look different like you feel you are adding unwanted weight then it is probably true.

7. When Your Body Gives You Signs

Your body actually gives you signs that indicates you have piled on the pounds, poor sleep, sluggishness, frequent headaches are amongst the signs you need to watch out for!