Owning a smart watch is fast becoming a thing. We live in an era where technology is taking over how things are done and making it totally convenient and comfortable for its users.

Contrary to popular opinion, smart watches don't just tell time and are not a waste of money if well utilized properly. They serve a lot of purposes from making it easier to make phone calls to setting a reminder or an alarm and even recording your sleeping hours

1. Control your playlist

Your smart watch allows you to synchronize your music playlist from your phone to your wrist. With this feature you don not have to always check your phone to change or pause or replay a song, you can control your music from your wrist. For Samsung users, you can synchronize your Spotify app to your smart watch

2. Compose and reply text messages

This is a great feature because it allows you reply messages directly from your smart watch. As soon as you get a notification on your phone, all you need to do is click on reply and you are good to go. If you are in a meeting and you need to send a quick message, you don't have to worry about causing a distraction when you can simply do that from your phone.

Interesting things you did not know that your smart watch could do [Parkview Health]
Interesting things you did not know that your smart watch could do [Parkview Health]

3. Keeps your health on track

You want to know how many steps you have taken in a day? You want calculate your stress level, your blood pressure? Then the smart watch is a perfect for you. It also gives you a reminder when you need to exercise or take a walk or stretch your body or indicate when you need to do a torso twist. It also gives you breathing exercising.

4. Keeps you connected to your social media accounts

Having a smart watch on will always keep you connected to all your social media accounts from Facebook to Twitter to Instagram to LinkedIn and even Snapchat. Not only do get notifications form your accounts, you can also reply to them. Cool, right?

5. Always connected even when you are busy with other things

I guess that is why it is called a smart watch, you are always connected to it even when you occupied with other activities and you can't seem to keep up with your phone or having to carry your phone around. Some smart watches are water proof, so when when you are swimming, your notifications will still come in and you can check them right underneath the water.