10 ways to know when to quit your job

You need to know when to quit your job and move on to another one.

Most people are not happy with their jobs

For most people, their jobs are a constant source of unhappiness and depression but they do not know when to quit.

The job makes them feel like they are going insane. Thinking about going to work makes them anxious every day.

Here are a few tell-tale signs you need to quit your job

  1. Your boss is mean 

Is your boss irritating, annoying, insensitive, mean, and inappropriate?

Does the mere sight of him or her cause your blood pressure to rise or gives you anxiety and heart palpitations?

Does he/she make sexually inappropriate jokes? Does your boss call you names or throws objects at you?

Then it might be time to quit for the sake of your mental health.

2. Your co-workers are toxic

If the work environment is toxic. There is no way you would be happy there.

You spend almost your entire week there, you should not be around people who hate you and are trying to bring you down.

3. You are not passionate about your job

People who are passionate about their job are happier and more fulfilled.This is not a case of being burnt out or stressed but absolutely hating the job. You should think about what you want to do, quit the job and do it.

4. Life goals

It does not align with your life goals. Is the job really what you want yourself to be doing or what you planned for yourself?

5. Personal beliefs

The ethics of the company are not in line with your personal beliefs and ethics, or they are asking you to do something illegal.

6. Long term

You cannot picture yourself working there long term. You don't have to quit immediately but plot a way to leave out of there.

7. Work life balance

You have no personal life or time for yourself. The stress might start to affect your health or personal relationships.

8. Growth

There are no opportunities for growth in the job.

9. Underpaid

You are grossly underpaid.

10. Better job

Always make sure you can get a better job before you quite the current one.


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