Ahead of the FIFA 2018 World Cup in Russia, citizens of the five African countries participating in the global tournament should have an idea of the cities they will be staying.

According to the match fixtures obtained from FIFA, a total of seven cities and provinces will host the five African national teams - Nigeria, Egypt, Morocco, Senegal and Tunisia.

The Nigerian national team will be in the Kaliningrad province, the city of Volgograd and one of the popular cities in Russia, St Petersburg.

The Egyptian national team will be in Volgograd, St Petersburg, and Yekaterinburg.

The Senegalese team will play in the Russian capital of Moscow, Samara, and Yekaterinburg.

Morocco national team will play in Kaliningrad, Moscow and St Petersburg.

The Tunisian national team will play in Volgograd, Moscow, and Saransk

For supporters and players who will be playing at these province/cities, here are bars, restaurants, and others thing to know.


Kaliningrad has been described as a very much worth visiting province, with plenty of attractions and things to do. From hotels to restaurants and bars, the province offers places to stay to fit any taste and budget. From bunk beds in hostels to spa hotels, highbrow restaurants to low budget cafes, here are the best places to stay, eat and drink in Kaliningrad.

Best sports bars: Britannica, Kropotkin, Libeerti, Corner Pub, Khmel, Pirate House,

Best restaurant/cafes: Fish Club, Pivovar, Borsh & Salo, Madam Bushe, Zötler Bier, Croissant Cafe, Coffee lounge, Magia Kofe, Kofeinik, Antikafe Sukhomyatka, Labirynt, Central perk, TastyLab, GS Cofeeshop.

Best places to stay: Amalienau Hostel, Crazy Dog Hostel, Hotel Chaika, Hotel Paraiso, Zelenogradsk Spa Hotel.

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St Petersburg

In a report by Culture Trip website, St Petersburg certainly spoils a visitor for choices. The popular Russian city isn’t challenging when seeking an affordable and comfortable place to stay. Just as it offers some of the best cafes, drinking bars, and restaurants. To help out African team supporters and fans, here’s a list of some of the best budget places in the city that combine the best of price, location, and facilities.

Best Sports bars: The Wall Bar, Leningrad Bar, Bar 86, Oh Sports, Big Wine Freaks, I Believe Bar, Bolshoy Bar,

Best restaurant/Cafes: Coffee in the Kitchen, I am thankful for today, The Dreamers, Cafe Singer, Cake & Breakfast, Surf Coffee, Bonch, Happiness, Pita’s, Hot dog & Brut, City Soup, Kartofel C Gribami, Market Place, Ketchup Burgers,

Best places to stay: Liki Loft Hotel, Remarka Hotel, Apart Hotel Mia, Greenwich yard, Mini Hotel Tabouret, Graffiti Hostel, Ariya on Rimskogo-Korsakova, Inbo Capsule Hotel, Prestige Hotel on Vasilyevsky, Friends on Nevsky.


Ekaterinburg has widely pronounced Yekaterinburg in Russia. The city is known for its unusual location at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, its industrial heritage and its vibrant cultural life.

Best Sports bars: Amy Wine House, Press House loft and gallery, New Bar, Spletni, In Touch, Ben Hall, Old Fashioned, Tele Club.

Best restaurant/Cafes: Belmesi, Gastroli, Nigora, Maccheroni, Pivovodymnogoedy, Vietmon, Rada, Factory Kitchen, Cafe Kuznya, Demidov Cafe Museum, Shoko, Stolle, Big Mamma’s House, Friends Modern Diner, Engels.

Best places to stay: Sky Hostel, Jazzy Central Studio, Emerald Hotel, Near the Stadium, Dobedo hostel and hotel, Bright and Homely, Art Hotel Gold, Art Hostel Green Grove.


Saransk is described as the not most frequented tourist destination in Russia. Tucked in between Moscow and St. Petersburg, the small city provides some of the best accommodation to unwind and recharge for the day ahead as well as some cool sports bars and restaurants.

Best Sports bars: Liga, Rozmarin, Salyut, Trattoria Parmigiano, Rozmarin, Bardak, Harat.

Best restaurant/Cafes: Bodryi Den, Kubik Rubikova, Paris Reel, AlekCoffee, Maska, ProKoffi, Otmennaya Pelmennaya, Hello Donut, Mordovskoe Podvore, Big Pig, Maska, Trattoria Parmigiano, Rozmarin.

Best places to stay: Sky Hostel, Jazzy Central Studio, Emerald Hotel, Near the Stadium, Dobedo hostel and hotel, Bright and Homely, Art Hotel Gold, Art Hostel Green Grove.


Moscow, Russia’s capital is known for its complex history, extravagant architectural monuments and status as the most populous city in Europe. With hotels that represent the historic, turbulent, and cutting-edge aspects of this fascinating city, comes exclusive and general pubs and bars as well as beautiful restaurants that will cater to your appetites.

Best Sports bars: Liga Pap, Tipsy Pub, Bunker-42, Glastonberry pub, Connolly station, Tap & Barrel pub, Harat’s Irish Pub, Chelsea Gastropub, Petrov & Vasecka, Gastropub Bruxelles, Beer Happens, John Donne, Voda Bar, Denis Simachev Shop & Bar, Noor Bar.

Best restaurant/Cafes: Chainaya Vysota, Chernyi Cooperative, Claire – Eclair, Table, Fahrenheit, Glenuill, Boston Seafood and Bar, LavkaLavka, Osteria Della Piazza Bianca, Goodman Steak House, CookKareku, Coffeemania.

Best places to stay: The Hotel National Moscow, Golden Apple Boutique Hotel, Hotel Metropole,  Barvikha Hotel and SPA, Petroff Palace, Savoy Hotel, the Sovietsky Historical Hotel, Sretenskaya Hotel, Chenonceau Hotel, Hotel Garden Ring.

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Volgograd is situated in the heart of Russia and has a variety of must-see attractions and adventures, boasting grand statues, a modern downtown neighbourhood, and a lot of lovely parks.

Best Sports bars: Paulaner, Bamberg, The Barrel or Bochka, Alyeska Bar, Alhovski.

Best restaurant/Cafes: Onegin café, Miles Restaurant, Mayak restaurant, Kadafy Restaurant & Bar.

Best places to stay: Hotel Volgograd, Yuzhny Hotel, Boutique-Hotel Rest House, Scotch Hostel, Parallel Hotel, Hotel Start.



The city of Samara is a formerly closed city which is looking forward to welcoming football fans from across the globe for the World Cup. However, only Senegal will be playing in this wonderful city.

Best Sports bars: Shamrock, Shannon, Maximilian’s, Parburg, Harat’s, Balkan Grill, Frau Muller.

Best restaurant/Cafes: Puri, Valley Halal Teahouse, Al Halal, Lagmannaya, Samara Cathedral Mosque.

Best places to stay: Ost-West Club Hotel, Hampton by Hilton Samara, Renaissance Samara, Nice Hostel, Bristol-Zhiguly Hotel, Bravo Lux and Bravo, Ibis Samara, Hotel Graf Orlov.