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And everything works. When Kiss Daniel hit the scene in 2015 with ‘Woju’, he was just a young man with a prayer, a single, and hope in his heart that the blessing was just one of many. Time has proved him right.

He has released more hits, and transitioned into a champion who has built an organic following, have genuine talent, gives incredible live performances, and has so much potential to grow into. Add all of that to the fact that his emergence led to the reduction of the tempo of Nigerian pop songs.

Tekno, Mr Eazi, and Runtown who are all leaders of the race right now, would not have pivoted their music to this elegant tempo, if Kiss Daniel’s partnership with DJ Coublon had not hit mainstream and become a hit.

But where Kiss rules so far is on his full-length project “New Era”. Pulse reviewed and concluded that “Kiss Daniel feels like the real deal, combining substance with the pop-adored ‘fineboyism’ to make music which is immersive, content-filled, and worthy of a “New Era”.

The content on new era isn’t exhaustive of the full range of Daniel’s talents and artistry, but it contains enough to last him for a year without putting out new music. All of Kiss Daniel’s singles since he released that album has come from the project.

'Jombo' is a hilarious tale of love and perseverance. ‘Sin City’, is a wonderful piece of recording that strikes through the heart of the dance floors, while one of his three collaborations with Sugarboy, ‘Upon me’, is right in his comfort zone, and fits into that template of mild love songs designed to get playlists richer.

He is now giving the treatment to ‘Duro’, another vacant love song, which counts as a mid-range love offering too. There’s a shiny video made by Patrick Elis, which over the coming weeks will be passed through the promotional circuit of TV and radio.

There’s a lesson here. The Nigerian industry is growing, and all the ways business is conducted and content is marketed is changing. Where artistes once depended on album sales as the core of their revenue, there’s a new digital market and streaming revenue which brings in new money.

But instead of inspiring more talents to think about the creation of dope albums as a way of hacking the system and getting more music in the streaming platforms, they are still disposed to see singles as the way forward.

Kiss Daniel’s “New Era” album, and how it has been strategically ripped apart for singles, shows that there’s a long term benefit of having good music on a full-length project. He is winning with every single he pulls out of the LP, and that’s the level where every artiste should ideally aspire to be right now.

Two years after he first made his mark, Kiss Daniel continues to lead in art, business, and strategy.