US actor, Jason Biggs, 37, got a photo of his manhood accidentally posted on Instagram by his own wife on October 12.  Reports say Jenny Mollen, 36 posted a surprising selfie on her Instagram which featured the naked 'Orange Is The New Black' actor sitting on the toilet in the background.

"Tasteful nude," she captioned... without noticing her bubby's penis in the pic!

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Maybe the photo was mistakenly posted because Molly quickly deleted it from the picture site after fans began mocking the actor's penis. Apparently, Jason's dick was made famous for destroying an apple pie in the 1999 movie, 'American Pie'.

Many assumed the shocking picture was posted without knowing Jason’s penis was visible because it was quickly deleted from Jenny’s account, but she later reposted the picture with a black bar and the following message: “Are you f***ing kidding me? Someone flagged this post?!!! All I wanted to know was if you guys thought this was a cute sweater!

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According to HollywoodLife, Mollen wrote a TMZ, "I did not remove this pic. I was censored for a tasteful nude. #freethepenis.” Apparently, not everyone’s a fan of Jason’s goods. And we’re sorry, Jenny, but were definitely not looking at your sweater.