Italian Boxer

Daghio who was a veteran at 49-years-old was knocked out twice in the WBC title fight against his younger opponent.

The Italian who started his boxing career at 46 suffered several punches in the course of the fight before the eventual blow which took him out.

Christian Daghio vs Don Pareuang

Daghio was not a professional boxer at the start of his career as he participated in Muay Thai fight back in his hometown in Thailand.

When he participated in the combat sports Muay Thai Daghio had a record of 145 wins from 189 fights.

He younger opponent anded quick punches on him in the encounter and his last shot put him in a coma before he was rushed to the hospital.

In a report by the Daily Mail, Daghio’s brother affirmed that despite his old age his brother wanted to continue fighting.

He said, "He died like he wanted. I have no regrets because he was like that.

“He wanted to fight till he was 80. The ring was his life and he died as a champion.

“My brother had a girlfriend in Thailand and a five-year-old girl who still doesn't know her father has died.”

The tragic accident has shocked the world of boxing with Wellwisher Pier Sacilotto posting a message about his death on social media which said, “Honour to Christian Daghio. RIP. Italian champion of Muay Thai.”