The 7-year-year old marriage of a couple has been dissolved by a Yaba Customary Court after differences occurred because of a change of church by one of them.

Okechukwu Ikechukwu had petitioned the court to dissolve their marriage because his wife, Nkechi chanegd from the family church to another.

He said the marriage took a new turn in 2010 when Nkechi left their church for another place of worship and demanded that he must follow him.

He said in 2012, his wife had threatened to poison his food as well as denied him sex after accusing him of being unclean and a sinner.

Ikechukwu said he had to invite both families to intervene in the matter to save the marriage.

President of the court, Chief Rahim Dawodu, in his judgment dissolved the marriage and warned them to avoid violence.

Rahim Dawodu also referred the couple to a family court which will help them decide how they would take care their only child.

Okechukwu Ikechukwu was ordered by the court to pay the sum of N3,000 to Nkechi as feeding allowance for the child every month.

“The child’s school fees and medical bills should be paid only when the child enjoys such facilities in the public sector except the petitioner chooses other method,’’ Rahim Dawodu said.

Dawodu also advised any of the parties dissatisfied with the judgment to appeal against it within 30 days.