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Wow! You Need To See This 9 fantastic ways sex can make your life better

Sex feels great but there are also several good it does to the body, it really is one pill for all your problems.

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We love sex and believe to an extent you do. In case you don’t, maybe it’s where you’re getting it from because it’s amazing especially that moment when you orgasm.

If you’re one of those people who need reasons to do things especially when it comes to sex because you think its evil. Let me say this, sex isn’t evil in fact it’s so great. Here are 9 reasons why you should have sex, according to Amanda MacMillan, Health.

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1. Sex can help you burn calories

Yup! Here is the confirmation that having sex also counts as exercise. Seriously, that much thrusting in uncomfortable position have to count for something. According to Justin Lehmiller PHD, the lecturer in department of psychology at Purdue University and author of The Psychology of Human Sexuality, he said depending on how physical you get, sex can help to tone your muscle, elevate the heart rate, and also get your whole body working.

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Lehmiller also said "If you have sex for a longer period of time, you can have even more of those calorie-burning benefits."

2.  It can serve as sleeping pills

Do you have trouble sleeping, here is a cure. Sex! Not just sex, achieving orgasm can help you sleep soundly. After climax, the body releases relaxation hormone called prolactin. This is where you sleep off after that terrific orgasm almost quicker than usual. This might be the reason why guys usually just sleep off after sex.

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3. It can lower blood pressure and stress level

Isn’t sex just the one drug that fixes all your problem? According to 2005 Scottish Study, volunteers in this study were told to record their sexual activity for about 2 weeks. They were also given anxiety prone tasks such as solving math problems out loud or public speaking. Those who had sex during this period recorded smaller blood pressure spike and recovered from them quicker than other volunteers who didn’t have sex. Penis-Vagina intercourse have this effect. Sex is just the best.

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4. It can protect against cancer

For men, several studies have suggested that men who ejaculated more frequently have reduced risk of prostate cancer. That’s it, guys. What are you waiting for? Just before you continue, it’s also worthy to note that the difference appears to be very small. For the ladies, a French study found out that women who have sex at least once a month are less likely to develop breast cancer.

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5. It gets rid of pain
Ladies often skip sex due to the pain they’re experiencing especially from headache, what is true is that, when you’re in pain is when you need to have sex. According to a 2013 German study, having sex may actually help you feel better. When volunteers who had sex with an headache, around 60% suffered from migraine and 30% os cluster sufferers actually said they got partial or total relief.

Endorphins released during orgasm, as well as increased blood flow to the genital area, likely play a role in sex's pain-relieving power, says Mark. "Pain sometimes has to do with blood flowing to one particular area, like the head, and sex can take some of that pressure off by redirecting the flow."

6. It can extend your life

This is one way thing to fix every other thing. Sex can extend your life longer. Studies have found connection between busy sex life and a long life in general. A Duke University study that took place from 1955 to 1980 found out that correlation between frequency of intercourse and longer lifespan for men, while for women, the satisfaction of sex was the most significant part.

"We can't really do cause-and-effect studies, so we don't know if sex actually helps people live longer, or if healthier people are just having more sex," says Lehmiller. "But from what we know about the other health benefits of sex, it probably won't hurt to have more of it!"

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7. It makes relationships better

This need no further buttress, if you and your partner have mind blowing sex, it’ll only make things better in the relationship, during sex, the love hormone called oxytocin is released and it can help increase romantic feelings between lovers. A study conducted by University of Toronto found that couples who were asked to more time together after sex being affectionate, being all over eachother reported higher level of satisfaction with their sex life and overall relationship.

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8. It makes you smarter

The more sex you have, or maybe more like the more satisfactory sex you have the smarter you become? Here is an explanation for this. A study conducted in 2010 at Princeton University found that rats that have more frequent sex show more neutron growth in their hippocampus, the region of the brain for learning and memory. So in some ways sex can potentially make you smarter, says Lehmiller.

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9. It’ll make you look young.

Perhaps, the cure for aging, just keep having sex? According to a research present at the 2013 British Psychological Society annual meeting revealed that subjects that had more frequent sex, that is subjects who are in their 40s and 50s who have sex at least 3 times a week look between four to seven years younger.

If more orgasmic sex will make you look younger, will it be something you’ll be interested in?

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