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Condoms Have you ever wondered what the words on the box truly mean?

Find out the true meaning of the words written on a box of condoms.

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What the words on condom box truly means play

Get to know the terms on the condom box


You probably have used condoms a whole lot of times but have you bothered reading the words on a box of condoms before?

Chances are during the red hot moment of slipping in the condom and making love, you are not concerned with alphabets and letter but with moans and groans.

Well, its sexual education time. Before your next booty call or jump off, learn what the words on a box of condom mean;

1. Ultra-thin

It is made from a less than average thin latex. Ultra-thin gives more pleasure and still safe like other condoms. Most people really do love the thick condoms due to the fact that it gives them more time to last long during the erotic sexual moment.

2. Just for her pleasure

Just for her pleasure condoms are created with bumps and are curated to pleasure the G-spot which also gives more sexual stimulation. Few women are not able to reach climax from having sex ordinarily, some actually do find the extra sweet feeling enjoyable.

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3. Pure ejaculation control

This is an intensified insensitive lube. It makes the D's base insensitive so that guys who suffer from premature ejaculation will love the whole feeling it brings. Several of these rubbers also have “excitement lube” on the body of the condom.

4. Polymer

Polymer is made from a unique kind of plastic which helps prevent STI infection and pregnancy. It is much thinner than the latex condoms and it comes in various sizes. It also doesn't have the latex smell and they don't stretch much.

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5. The female condom

A polymer sack with versatile loops on each end that is thrust into the vagina before sex. This gives room for women generally to have a fair share of protection responsibility and reduces the risk of HIV and other infections. Although, it is more expensive and less effective than the men's condom when it comes to preventing pregnancy.