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Wha'anda Asks... Do You Have Sex With The Lights On Or Off?

Does it matter to you if the light is on or off when you're having sex?

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Sex: in the dark or full glare of light? play

Sex: in the dark or full glare of light?

For many people, light plays a role when it comes to sex.

As a matter of fact,there is no general preference when it comes to light and sex — some want the lights on, some want it off and some just don't mind.

It might seem like an inconsequential matter, but there are people who will only permit sex based on lighting conditions.

Some don't feel comfortable with displaying their body, maybe because of some mental idea of bodily imperfections, physical insecu

A few people I asked say they do not like so have sex with the lights on. I asked why.

"I don't like the fact that he can see all the defects on my body. So I prefer that the light is off, or dimmed or else there'll be no sex," Sandra said.

Sunday too does not like the lights on.

"No, the lights must be either off because. I just don't like it," he said.

But there are those who like it, who need it.

"Being able to appreciate every inch of her body is very important to me," Chinedu said. "It adds a layer of intimacy."

" Sin in the dark is just rubbish, unless we're doing it in a public place, there must be light o!" said another respondent.

Now, for most, they prefer the lights on, so they can appreciate the body they are connecting with.

For Wha'anda, it really does not matter because even in the dark, a lot of appreciation can still happen.

So I ask, do you care if the light is on or off when you're having sex? On or off, which do you prefer?