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Wha’anda Asks… What Will You Do If You Find Out Your Girlfriend Has A Penis?

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A woman with a penis... play

A woman with a penis...

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I was reading a novel yesterday, it was an interesting one.

The highlight of the story was when a guy discovered that a ‘lady’ he had been dating for three years actually had a penis.

It was at that point he understood why she never allowed him to have sex with her.

He was able to make the discovery after he stole the keys to her house and enter while she was bathing. She told him she was born that way.

He ran away.

What if it was you, what will you do?

How would you react if you found out that lover had a penis, maybe even bigger than yours?

It would not be impossible to have sex with such people, but it will really awkward.

Not much different from day sex. Abi?

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