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Handjobs Ways to give legendary "handie"

Giving better handjobs requires lots of patience and practice.

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Ways to give legendary "handie" play

Be a legendary handjob giver


Wielding the power of a really amazing handy is life-changing and can be best enjoyed if you've got the appropriate skills to make it happen.

However, we’ve rounded up some legendary ways to get the "handie" done properly.

1. It’s all a thing of the mind

In order to get your guy started, get him to imagine the hot and heavy stuff that’s about to go down. Don’t be afraid to talk dirty! Getting into the right mindset can turn all the pit stop on the way to sex to the actual destination.

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2. Stretch it out

Pour some lube in your other hand, and slowly stretch out the length of his penis with your other hand. Once your lubed hand nears the top of his penis, you can bring your support hand up and repeat the same slow stretch.

3. Hold him steady

Start by making a “V” shape with your thumb and pointer finger to support the base of his penis and adding slight downward pressure. This holds his penis in place as he becomes erect so it doesn’t bounce around too much.

4. Use your fingers

Using your finger pads to create a delicate touch can be super stimulating. Using the pads of your fingers and lubrication to glide up and down his shaft gives it a great feel.

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5. Read their signals

Just because you’ve asked them what they like doesn’t mean you can zone out and just keep doing what you are doing until he climaxes. You’ll also want to pay close attention to his body language during stimulation. You have to listen to your partner’s body- the way they move, and their breath as these can be signs that you’re on the right track.