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Secrets 5 things women do just before sex but never admit it

Just try out spontaneous sex without the checks and see the difference.

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Things women do just before sex but never admit it play

Find out things women do before sex.


There are way too many adopted pre-sex things for that kind of spontaneous sex to happen completely carefree. But some ladies do pretty much prefer when they have time to do some checks just before sex.

Below are some things some ladies check before hitting the sheets for that orgasmic round.

1. The all-round smell check

Some ladies do smell their armpits as they sexily strip down and you will think she's just casually getting undressed and teasing you, but it's way beyond that as she might be checking if she smells nice.

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2. Wearing a set of lingerie she's never worn before

Just before action, it's either they keep it in their purse so they can change in the bathroom or decide whether to wear it uncomfortably under their clothes for the entire date.

3. They shave or wax

Mostimes, you just want to be freshly shaved down there before your dickappointment. Getting a clean shave gives her some sort of confidence and by the time she hits the sheets, you will get what you truly deserve.

4. Doing a thorough inspection downtown

You definitely know that your vulva is going to look exactly the same as it did last time, but if someone is going to be up in there, you're going to give it a total check before he goes in.

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5. Watch what you eat before sex

Probably eat some aphrodisiac boosting food all day just before getting busy that night.