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The Lesbian Chronicles House call

I then moved my mouth so her breasts which I sucked eagerly and hungrily as she enjoyed more orgasms thanks to the vibrator.

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House Call play

House Call

(Mrs Mokun)

I had had the hots for my hairdresser for over a year now.

When she started working at the salon where I made my hair, I had to admit to myself that she was really attractive. I made sure to ask for her whenever I came around. I would sigh with arousal when she touched my hair or did my nails. Every once in a while, she would catch me looking at her but there came a point that I simply did not care. I hoped she knew how I felt so I can gauge her reaction without things going too far.

When I decided I could not take the suspense anymore, I invited her over to my house. I called her, telling her I was not feeling very well but still needed to fix my hair. She came over happily since she believed I would give her  a special tip for doing that.

She made my hair as usual but before she left, I approached her and gave her a hug. I let the hug go on for a few seconds longer then said, "You are very beautiful. I would like us to get closer."

She pulled back hesitantly for a second. As she stood before me, I began to unbutton her shirt one by one. She looked at me with a mixture of curiosity and uncertainty. I knew that even if she wanted to leave, she was way too interested in what I was doing.

When all her buttons had become undone, I reached in and sucked on her nipples through her bra. Her moan thrilled me. I was doing something right. As I worked on her breasts, began to unhook her jeans and slid my palm inside her panties. She was wet, I thought with excitement. I slid a finger inside her and began to gently love in and out, wanting to turn her on so much that she begged me for more.

When her moans became even louder and more urgent, I knew I had her. I slipped down her jeans then squatted between her legs as I started eating her pussy. She gripped my head hard, jerking her hips against me and trying to stay still. I licked and sucked on her until she came. She came over and over again. I did not let up. I was not done with her pussy. I shoved my tongue upward inside her and fucked her. I found her clit, teasing over and over that her moans turned to screams as her juice filled my mouth.

When I was satisfied I had her, I undressed her and undressed myself. We entered my bedroom where I brought out a thick, long vibrator to fuck her with. As I fucked her, I kissed her deeply. I then moved my mouth so her breasts which I sucked eagerly and hungrily as she enjoyed more orgasms thanks to the vibrator.

I made sure I pleased her completely. It was all about her pleasure. I wanted to make sure she returned for more and when she finally left and she gave me a deep wet kiss, I knew I had achieved that goal.