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Summer's Debauchery "goddess hidden between my thighs" — Scars Of Passion (a poem)

Makes me shiver and curl my toes just like I did every time you kissed my delicate parts; My neck, My bottom lip, My ears...

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How you held me

The memories of how your tongue caressed mine

Makes me shiver and curl my toes

Just like I did every time you kissed my delicate parts

My neck

My bottom lip

My ears

The spot that marks the center of my small frame.

The parts that the sun never shines upon.

The scars on your back tell the most erotic story

Of how you'd gently lay me down

Look me in the eye and smile

Then proceed to make me arch my back

Urging the flame in me to intensify

As you kneel down and pray fervently and oh so sweetly to the goddess hidden between these thighs of mine.

With every electrifying touch

The goddess in me responds

Making sweet music that only you bring out of me.

The tigress in me is burning up in fierce passionate flames

She responds by clawing into your back till you bleed.

You tell me the pain is bitter sweet

That it makes the groans screams and moans of my final explosion all the more rewarding.

The higher the peak you drive me wildly to,

The more the blood on your back,

The more the beautiful scars.

I have made your back a work of art with my claws

This is how you know I love you and I'm passionate about you.

If you ever doubt what we have, look in the mirror and look at the scars of varying depths and haphazard curves

Let them remind you that you and I belong together.

Poem by:  Summer