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Climax Simple ways to have an orgasm with or without a partner

You don't have to wait for your partner to get you to the promise land.

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Simple ways to have an orgasm with or without a partner play

You don't have to wait for bae to have that absolute orgasm


Having your man with you is great but, like, most of the time, vaginas are a complete mystery to them. So talking about what you like along the way will make it a lot easier for you to orgasm together.

Read below for simpler ways to have an orgasm.

1. You need to fantasize

Before or during sex, you need to think about a hot scenario. A lot of women worry this is somehow wrong, like mental cheating. So try it out and see if works for you by replaying a hot moment you had 2 weeks ago.

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2. Don’t assume you will orgasm from penetration alone

Letting go of the unreal expectation that having a dick inside you is going to magically make you go the distance will help you let go of unnecessary stress. Instead, try oral sex, in order to climax

3. Get rid of distractions

Turn off your phone, the lights, even blindfold yourself if you'd like. You want to be in the moment focusing on sensations, so all those little distractions can actually add up and prevent you from getting off.

4. Switch up your touch

There are different ways to masturbate, so don't be discouraged if what you've tried isn't working so far. You may need rapid tapping motions, constant pressure, a slow circular rhythm with increasing pressure, or some other combination.

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5. Create a deadline

Setting a timer, touching yourself and completely removing the goal of orgasm from your mind and only focus on strokes and touches can make you feel great.