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SexVille Tuesday How to give your woman an hour-long, earth-shattering orgasm

Our guest today on SexVille Tuesday is Dr Agnes Akpan and she takes us into the steps needed to give a woman the best orgasm she can ever get.

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We have a sex-pert today and she is going to talk to our men folk on how to give their women the best earth shattering orgasm and how to make sex last as long as possible.

Enjoy Dr Akpan.

When it comes to sex and giving a woman the utmost pleasure, most of our men are quite lacking. Many of the women I have counseled say their men do not know what it takes to engage in long fore play as they are always, almost in a hurry to jump on them as long as the get an erection.

The most frustrating aspect of sex for such women is that when they have finally tuned themselves to enjoy it, their men would have ejaculated, leaving them frustrated.

let me say that according to a renown American sex expert, Dr Jerry Jones, 'if your aim is to please your woman, you must realize that there are many levels of orgasms.

There are the little and quick orgasms, the good moaning orgasms and the all out screaming orgasms that let you know you've done everything right. It's what many refer to as the hour-long orgasm.'

From my perspective, I always tell men that the best way to enjoy sex is to make sure you bring your woman to that orgasm she desires and if you do this, she will always look forward to sex with you and that 'headache' excuse will be a thing of the past.

Every woman wants to get to that point and the ability to take them there gives you an edge over them. Do not be in a hurry to satisfy yourself and leave her hanging. Your aim every time you have sex is to give her the ultimate pleasure.

Dr Jones tells us that the key giving your woman the kind of orgasm we are talking about here is called the 'Venus Butterfly Technique,' which is a detailed process that, if done correctly, can leave your woman shuddering in front of you for up to an hour as waves of ecstasy take over her body.

Here is how the technique works:

Start with the Clitoris

As we all know, (and for those who do not know), the clitoris is the area outside the woman's vagina and is shaped like a miniature penis. It is about the most sensitive part of a woman's vagina which, when stimulated, brings her untold pleasure. Gently push back the skin on the clitoris so you have exposed the small pea-like point at the tip of the clitoris.

Then stroke it gently back and forth, either your finger or tongue. If you are into what we call kinky sex, you could introduce a vibrator into the mix.

To achieve the ultimate result, you should alternate between long and short strokes, without getting too rough. You must take your time as this is a slow building process. When you do this right, your woman will get more and more aroused and begging you to come into her.

But, hold it. That is not the best time to penetrate her, just yet. Just continue with this labour of love and watch her thrash about, begging you to literally kill her. In most cases, she would come just by this technique, so you move on to the next step.

Move on to the vagina

After engaging the clitoris for a reasonable time and get her all excited, it is now time to move to her vagina and massage the hole thoroughly. My best advise here is to use your tongue to circle the hole. The reason for using the tongue is because it is quite sensitive and with the saliva mixing with her juices, she will get the most exciting time of her life.

After a little while go back to the clitoris stimulation until she has moved up one more step towards orgasm.

Do not forget the G-Spot

While still stimulating her clitoris, you should use your other hand to find her G Spot. For the avoidance of doubt, the G-spot is the most erogenous area of the vagina that, when stimulated, may lead to strong sexual arousal, powerful orgasms and female ejaculation. It is located 2–3 inches up the front (anterior) vaginal wall between the vaginal opening and the urethra.

It is located just inside the vaginal wall, a few inches up. Flick your fingers upward inside the vagina and you are sure to find the G-spot. Concentrate on this for a while and see the effect you will have on your woman.

Enjoy the big 'O'

When you have taken your time to treat her inners this way, it should not be long before she orgasms. Dr Jones tells us that there are two types of orgasm, the internal and the external orgasms, and you should not stop at just one.

You should keep stimulating her until she has had both an internal orgasm and an external one. If this is done properly, she will keep feeling waves of pleasure moving through her body for some time after you stop.

Employing these steps identified above will ultimately help you in your quest to please your partner, however there is certainly much more to know.

You will surely become an expert in pleasing your woman if you follow these steps.