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SexVille Tuesday Having Sex First Thing In The Morning Is Good For You

Ever wondered how beneficial early morning sex could turn out to be? Try it and find out the great benefits!

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Most of us are always in a hurry to get up in the morning, hurry to take our baths and dash off to work. Many associate morning sex with some superstitious beliefs and tend to avoid it so as to prevent any unpleasant encounters later in the day while others are so lazy and would not even try out the day giving tonic and the pleasure of morning sex. But after reading this, you may want to reconsider your stance, as morning sex can make a world of difference to your health, looks and state of relationship.

1. Ready To Go

The biggest advantage of morning sex is that your man is ready and good to go. No need to worry about foreplay, kissing and all that, especially when both your breaths are crying out for some mouthwash.

Most men are always in the mood for sex in the morning, so all he needs to do is get you in the right mood and once you’re there, you can gently coax him to climbing on top of you. Let him do all the work for once. For morning sex, he won’t dare complain and would be so glad to handle the downside of things.

2. A Good Workout

There is a great benefit in morning workout as it promotes the release of endorphins and that in itself provides many health benefits. But know it that there is nothing like a good workout to start your day and what better way to do it in bed!

Forget about 5 am rush to get out and avoid the heavy traffic... just snuggle into the shack and you will be surprised at the kind of energy you will be bestowed with after your sweaty round of early morning sex.

You will be amazed at the kind of energy you will experience as you sing your way to work and how beneficial you will be to the office the whole of that day.

3. You Will Glow All Day

After your early morning tryst, you will be surprised at the luminous glow you will feel the whole day. The same way physical exercise gives you that healthy glow, morning sex leaves you with that fresh-faced and natural radiance too.

The scientific explanation for this is that during sex, blood rushes throughout your entire body, promoting a healthy circulation and good rush of blood flow to all your extremities. When you orgasm, your body also releases chemicals that boosts your oestrogen levels, which is the reason for that after-sex glow. Oestrogen also improves your hair and skin’s tone and texture.

It matters not if you opt for a quickie or a marathon in sex, either way you’re left feeling energised along with a beaming complexion.

4. Morning Sex Relaxes The Body And Mind

Just like physical exercise, sex can potentially relax your mind and body. Morning sex in particular, helps you deal with the day ahead of you with feel-good hormones.

It helps you relax first thing before your day even begins; especially in the mad rush that characterizes Nigeria; and with more of the same hormones steadily released throughout the day, you’ll find it easier to remain relaxed and calm when handling the challenges faced the rest of the day.

5. Guarantees General Health Benefits

Morning sex brings numerous health benefits – it promotes blood flow to your extremities; it encourages the release of the feel-good hormone endorphin, and it helps with relaxation.

On top of all that, I bet you didn’t know that morning sex helps strengthen your immune system for the day. For those of you who insist on scientific backup, studies have shown that it enhances your IgA levels, the antibody that fights infections.

So why not try that early morning sex with your partner today?