You and your partner might have a great life, yet wish you could figure out how to be better in bed and have really good sex together.

You can try all kinds of fancy sex tips and tricks and sex positions in an effort to make sex more intimate and blissful with orgasmic pleasure. Here's how to have deeper intimacy and greater pleasure during sex.

1. Know what you like most

A woman who knows her body from the inside out will be able to also direct a sexual partner and take charge of her pleasure. When you know what turns you on, you can help your boyfriend to understand how to turn you on. That’s why the key ingredient to having a great sex life is knowing your own physical body. This will also help you improve communication with your partner, which can increase your comfort in expressing your bedroom needs.

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2. You should love your body

In order to have better sex with your boyfriend, you need to love your body with all its flaws. It might be difficult considering how hard it can be in today’s society to actually feel good about yourself. Given the images, women see in the media, on magazines, and entertainment, in general, are overly photo-shopped, it's hard to really imagine that any flaws you see on yourself are normal. So by learning to accept yourself and your flaws, both physical and internal, you are giving yourself the ability to be free in your own body.

3. Be present

You have to learn how to truly be in your body. This means you have to be present and tuned into the physical sensations, rather than letting your worries start running through your mind unconsciously. Whatever thoughts that may go on in your head, they are disconnecting you from being present with the feelings in your body and with your partner.

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4. Take it slow

When you slow things down, you can feel what your body truly wants. Learning what you like and how you like it becomes the starting point for intimate communication. When you take things slow, you can communicate feelings and sensations. Explore what it is you truly desire and which ways you do like to be touched.