Knowing your partners libido type is important for understanding what your spouse loves better.

The more often you can practice touching each other, the easier and more magical it will get. So, you can maximize your chances by gaining an understanding of your partner's libido type.

1. Sensual libido

The woman with a sensual libido is an emotional creature and sex is a pure expression of her love for you. She adores the exotic when it comes to exploring the finer things in life, so don’t be surprised if she enjoys feeling champagne bubbles on her skin or the taste of fresh fruit and chocolate during foreplay.

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2. Dependent type

This libido type understands sex as a way to ease stress and relax. A woman is likely to become upset and frustrated without frequent release, but may not always be willing to initiate. To avoid the cycle of abstinence – then fighting over a lack of sex drive – then make-up-sex release, you may want to try adding some other regular physical activity to your routine.

3. Erotic type

An erotic libido demands the unusual – something breathtaking and courageous. This woman probably won’t turn down “ordinary” sex, but to really grab her attention it needs to have that erotic spark.

4. Addictive libido

Addictive libidos are prone to cheating and may have a difficult time maintaining relationships if they cannot overcome their emotional dependence on sexual pleasure. Discovering their true sexual and emotional potential will help them recover from addiction and learn to enjoy a healthy, regular sex life without feeling desperate.

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5. Stressed libido

This kind of libido is going to be very low because sex is an uncomfortable event filled with anxiety. Pressure to perform and worries of inadequacy make true intimacy nearly impossible. This person needs to do some real soul searching and work towards coming to accept their body and having their body accepted by others.

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