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Sex. Condom. Safety. 14 DONTS!  Use The Condom Rightly, Escape Diseases, Pregnancy (1)

Condoms save us from a lot — diseases and unwanted pregnancies etc, but knowing how to use it rightly is as important as deciding to use it.

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Don't be a conDUMB, use a condom play

Don't be a conDUMB, use a condom

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it is a sin to open the condom with your teeth play

it is a sin to open the condom with your teeth


You know, condoms are our friends.

That singular invention has somehow saved billions of people from diseases and unwanted pregnancies.

According to WHO, male latex condoms, if used used consistently and correctly, are up to 94% effective at preventing the transmission of HIV and other STIs and CDC data shows that condoms are up to 98% effective at preventing pregnancy.

Imagine how many diseases we could have passed around without condoms, and how many men would be chased around by pregnant lovers.

But then, a condom, used wrongly has 0% effectiveness in stopping pregnancies, STIs and any other disease.

This means that it is very important thing is know HOW TO USE THE CONDOM as well as HOW NOT TO USE THE CONDOM.

Here are 14 tips you MUST follow:

  1. Never use a condom too large for you. Some people do not know that condoms come in different sizes. Well, if you find yourself with a condom more than your size, don't use it. If it is too free, it will allow too much friction during sex, and too much friction can make a condom to break. It can even slip off during sex. Not good.

  2. Never store condoms in a wallet. There are guys you go about with condoms in their wallet. That is bad, especially if you put the wallet in your back pocket. Each time you sit down, you damage the condom — heat, friction and pressure from sitting on the wallet weaken in

  3. Never use an old condom. Are you one of those that have condoms tucked in corners of the house, for emergency use? Well, it is not entirely a bad idea but you should be careful to ensure you use a condom within its expiry date. Condoms become weaker with time. So always check the expiry date before use. Also, if the wrapper of a condom looks too old, throw it away!

  4. Never tear a condom with your teeth. Here, you stand the risk of damaging the condom. The normal condom is easy to open because of the edge of the wrappers. Please, use your hand to tear it open!

  5. Never wear your condom inside out. When you get the condom out of its wrapper, put your penis into the wide top, through the side without lubrication — the 'oily' side should be outside!  Wearing it wrong will mean difficulty unrolling it as well as friction during sex, because the lubed part is inside!

  6. Never wear your condom too tight: Allow some space at the end of the condom. That is where the sperm will be collected when you ejaculate. In the absence of that space, sperm may leak out or tear the condom!

  7. Never allow air bubbles in the condom where you wear it. Air bubbles will cause friction, putting the condom at risk of breaking. So squeeze out the air when wearing the condom!

There you go. I sincerely hope you observe these rules next time you want to have sex.