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Sex And Love 4 ultimate sex moves to set your love on fire

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Is there a crack in your relationship, leaving you scared that the fire is going out? Well, its time to make a move and get your love back on track with these ultimate sex moves.

You, yes, you, listen to me… or should I say read on?

Have you been experiencing a crack in your relationship? Is your lover being a little bit lethargic? Are you afraid that the fire is going out?

If yes to any of the above, permit Wha’anda to tell you that something is missing relationship— hot sex!

Solution? Get the fire back…

  1. Talk, ask, listen. The first step to getting any relationship back on track is to talk. You can start the talk with some romantic moment, a kiss or a hug can set it off. Things could get messy from there. Remember to talk about his/her sex and sexual fantasies/inadequacies.

  2. Try oral. Trust Wha’anda, there is nothing more intimate than oral sex for two partners that are comfortable with each other. If you have not been adding oral sex to the sex menu, the weekend is a good time to try it out with your partner. A good mouth job has a more lasting effect than 'proper sex' and it can lead to intense arousal. But try to get a shower first.

  3. Watch something sexy, like porn. Forget all that talk about porn being bad for you. Truth is you and your lover could do you know that both men and women like sex? It is a good turn on for many people. A soft porn movie may be a way to start before you move to hard-core stuff.

  4. Try a new sex position: You need to introduce something new to your sex life. One of the new things you could do is to bring in a new sex position. The conventional missionary style is boring and you might want to do some kinky stuff. (Get some ideas here). The doggy style is one of the best positions to guarantee maximum sexual satisfaction for both of you because it puts the man in control and hits the woman’s G-spot

  5. Create a shower hour moment together. Have you had a shower moment with your lover? It can be really intimate and fires can start from there. Take turns scrubbing each other and then have sex standing. It will be cook to install a hand rail in your shower.

Try ‘em out and let’s know how it goes…

Cheers, Merry Christmas in advance