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Sex And Love 4 simple tips to enjoy first time sex

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First time sex can be painful, sometimes so painful that the pleasure is lost. It can however be a blissful experience with these tips.

Sex is extremely pleasurable.

But buried in that intense pleasure is also possible intense pain —especially for a woman having sex for the first time.

The truth is that, a person is having sex for the first time must be handled like a delicate egg because she (he) is coming into the experience with expectations and perceptions that may be wrong.

What happens in that initiation can affect his/her perception for life?

Making that experience an unforgettable experience is all about doing it right:

  1. Prep talk is a must. It is important that you talk about what you are about to do. The guy should be gentle in explaining while the woman should be open about what she likes or does not like. She must not be too shy to speak out if she hurts and the guy should listen, stop when she says so — else its rape.

  2. Don’t play with safety. Before you attempt first time sex, safety is very important. First thing is to make sure you have good condoms, not expired or torn, unless you are married. Secondly, ensure that you both take a shower. Dirt can give infections as much as contaminated body fluid. You don’t want to get pregnant or contract a disease.

  3. Foreplay prepared the mind for sex. You don’t just jump into penetration. Be patient. The guy must make sure she is aroused — kissing, touching, oral sex, so that she is wet and ready. The woman must also let herself enjoy the moment so that she gets lubricated in the lady parts. The danger of getting to it without allowing her to get wet is a painful penetration (that might leave her with vaginal injuries) with a possible rupture of the condom.

  4. Breaking the hymen: Breaking the hymen is not an easy task. The guy must be willing to go veeery slowly. If you have a lubricant, apply it. A water-based lube is better. The woman should also relax her pelvic muscles; being tensed would make it more difficult. So take deep to help you relax.

Lastly, both of you must note that you may not have a perfect experience the first time out.

You might make out between 3 to 10 times before you get into a regular rhythm.

So the girl should not expect earth shaking the first time while the guy should not attempt to be too forceful.

In case it’s the guy having a first time, he should be ready for premature ejaculation.

If it happens, both parties should know that it is normal.