Relationships fail everyday... in most cases; it first gets boring, then awkward before it crashes.

The unfortunate thing is that many people cannot even place their hands on the real reason why the relationship failed, and they blamed it on each other.

But is of the opinion that a lot of relationships fail because the power of words is replaced with silence and not-so-convincing action.

Actions may actually speak louder than words, but the heart — especially  a woman’s heart, needs the word-romance too, be it written or spoken.

So, as a man, there are some things, some sweet, romantic words you can dish out to your lover in form of SMSs, just to remind her every now and then how important she is to you.

Here are a few:

So guys, activate this audio-textual romance today.

Start with number 1 and work your way down with one day intervals and you will surely leave an impression that would count for you on days you err.

The good thing about SMSs is that she can read it while you're not there to remind her of your love.

Try it, it doesn’t hurt.