Sex isn’t always the easiest way to express your love for someone. And you know what’s making it even harder? Crazy sex positions that we all feel like we have to try to spice things up, even when we know they seem weird.

Doggy, missionary and cowgirl are classics for a reason. If you’re looking to spice up the bedroom, why don’t you break in a few couples’ sex toys instead of breaking your arm attempting something that might take so long to figure out? Here are a few of the worst sex positions out there that no one should ever attempt.

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1. The tongs

Start by supporting yourself with your left arm while your man holds you up from the waist. He then steps over your left leg and holds your right leg up while you maintain a modified push-up position. So imagine having to balance on one arm while your man rams you from the back. Chances of being propelled face-first into the ground hover right around 98%, so if a bloody nose is your idea of a good time then have at it.

2. The overpass

Since the woman sets the pace in this position that means she’s in full control! Nothing is sexier than telling your man what to do, especially in the bedroom – try grabbing his butt while in this position for an even hotter stance! Have you ever wondered what it feels like to be crushed in a trash compactor? No? Then don’t do The overpass. Do you like it when your man sits on you and won’t get up no matter how much you yell at him?

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3. Scissor

Spice it up by laying on your back as your man faces you while lying on his side. Throwback one leg, let him slip in between – not complicated, but very interesting!  It’s not very sexy, neither of you is going to get a lot out of it.