You may be shocked to read that the common penis is more than long enough to touch the end of the average vagina even considering the fact that the vagina stretches when the woman becomes excited.

Notwithstanding, reaching the deepest penetration possible for you and your spouse can still be greatly pleasurable for a variety of reasons. Nerves in the lower shaft of the penis are often the most powerful trigger for male orgasm, While the upper part of the vagina doesn’t have as many nerve endings as the lower third, filling it up can give your woman a pleasurable sense of fullness.

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So it is extremely intense for the man to penetrate his partner's greatest depth. Deep penetration creates an opportunity for gentleness, vulnerability, and submission. Below are a few tips for getting the most from deep penetration.

1. Turn her on

Most women won’t find deep penetration to be comfortable or pleasurable if they aren’t aroused. During arousal the vagina not only lengthens, but the cervix actually rotates upward and out of the way of the penis. If a woman isn’t aroused deep penetration will likely occur in the penis pounding into her cervix, which most women don’t enjoy.

2. The leg positioning

Missionary position isn’t the best for deep penetration, but you can still do pretty well if you position her legs properly. Spread them wide open and push her knees up to her chest. Depending on her flexibility. Better still put her legs over your shoulders or she hooks your arms behind one or both knees to hold them up.

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3. The doggy position

This position enables the deepest penetration, but without much intimacy as the missionary. Your partner arches her back to create the most depth for you, and even with her legs together you should be able to reach her posterior fornix.