It is crazy to think that there are some men out there who refuse to go down on girls.

But, unfortunately, this is true. Some ladies may think maybe there is something wrong with them that he doesn’t want to go down there.

So to be clear, no one is obligated to do any sexual act with you that they don’t feel comfortable doing, even if it’s something that you’re into. If your guy just doesn’t like oral, you can’t force him to do it. But there’s nothing wrong with asking your boyfriend or to go down on you. After all, if you don’t tell them what you want, they’ll probably never know. So, check out these ways to ask a guy to go down on you.

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1. Make it sexy for both of you

Try getting oral in a position that benefits both of you. You can try a 69 position. That way he is still getting his dick sucked. Also try to let him see you take a shower or something beforehand, that way there is no doubt that everything is clean down there.

2. Literally just tell him what you want

Basically, you just need to tell your partner what you want. Why do you have to dance around his desires? Are you an equal in the relationship? Just tell him what you want.

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3. Know that it can be a turn-on

If you're concerned about seeming a little too forward or brash, or, for whatever reason, disgusting your partner with your desires, don't be. In fact, a lot of guys will be into it. Just tell him what you want, and it's a turn on for guys when women are vocal about how to please them.