If you’re considering having sex, the withdrawal method isn’t talked about as much as condoms, birth control pills, or even IUDs.

We've got you covered by taking a look at some facts about the withdrawal method.

Below are 3 important things about the pull-out method.

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1. It's sometimes referred to as the pull-out method

You might know the withdrawal method as the pull-out method or even the pull-out withdrawal method. If you're wondering what it really is, it's where a guy pulls his penis out before ejaculating, hopefully reducing the chances of pregnancy.

2. Pre-cum can get you pregnant

One big reason why the withdrawal method can fail is that people don't take into consideration pre-cum. It's exactly what it sounds like. It's where the penis releases a bit of semen prior to full ejaculation. If that penis is still in the vagina or around the vulva, you can wind up pregnant. Semen can also live outside out the body for up to five days which is why even a few drops can cause problems.

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3. Your partner needs to pull out and away

One of the key things to doing the pull-out method perfectly is that your partner removes his penis from your vagina and moves it somewhere else. If his peen is still near your vag, you could get pre-cum or semen on you. Women's Health points out that the first few drops of semen contain the most amount of sperm so you definitely don't want those anywhere near you.