Its actually cool to have sex while laying down in bed. But, there might come a time in your life where you’re thinking, hey, I don’t want to be laying down for this.

So, you have to think about other possible things, like sitting up sex positions. It might sound strange, but don’t worry. We’re here to help you out. Below are 3 awesome positions to try.

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1. The basket

This position is perfect for deeper penetration. Have your bae sit on the ground or on your bed with their legs out, and you sit in between them. Then, you put your legs up on their shoulders as they hold you by your waist. It's fun and super intimate.

2. The seated ball

This one looks a lot more complicated than it is! Start out sitting on top of your bae, facing their feet. Then, have them hold you by your waist and you get into a "ball" position. It sounds complicated, but you can do it!

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3. The lotus

Have your bae sit cross-legged, then you sit on top and have your legs over their shoulder. If you're not that flexible, just keep your legs at your partner's side. Either way will be fun!