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2016 has seen a lot of interesting challenges on social media, while we’re still having fun with the #MannequinChallenge, by the way this challenge is perhaps the funniest one.

The ante was upped by the next one to begin. The next challenge to come in was #ThickChallenge and #ThickAsHellChallenge.

That was definitely way sexier than the previous and we definitely got to see a lot of ladies in the slim thick and thick categories.

The latest one is the #OneFingerSelfie, it’s very risqué because it involves outright nudity without certain places. Here is the explanation for that. For the challenge to be successful, the participant (preferably a lady)  has to be nude, in front of a mirror, and cover your nipples and genitals with one finger, hence the name #OneFinger challenge.

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YouTuber Aimee Davison filmed herself doing the challenge which she said started by a cartoon drawing that was created by Japanese anime artist, Sky-freedom.

In the illustration, the character (female) is seen in front a mirror taking a selfie using one of her fingers to cover her nipples and crotch. The technical part of the challenge is that the finger actually covers the genitals, the reflection in the mirror covers the chest.

This new trend is already buzzing on Instagram and twitter. Facebook wouldn’t allow nudity.

Do you think it’s fun to get involved in?

Check the gallery above

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