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OMG! Booty-full Killer!! Deborah Olawoyin's massive butt is breaking balls on Instagram

If you are one of thosen who think that plus sized women are not hot or beautiful, then booty-full Deborah is about to change your mind. With he, plus-size is plus-sexy.

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Deborah Olawoyin: Plus-size is turning out to be plus-sexy. play

Deborah Olawoyin: Plus-size is turning out to be plus-sexy.


A plus sized Nigerian lady, Deborah Olawoyin aka Mizsthicknesz, is presently breaking balls on Instagramliterally!

At first glance, what you'll notice about Mizsthicknesz is that she is thick, especially behind, with a massive butt that is interestingly shapely.

Even if you don’t like plus-sized women, you’ll surely love Deborah because her butt is not the usual giant mound… it is deliberately rounded, curved and firm to the eye.

Mizsthicknesz wrote on her profile, "Once u get 2 know me, I'm a very hard habit 2 break."

Trust Wha'anda, she did not lie, because it's hard to look away once you glance at her killer body.

The pictures on her timeline will leave you scrolling and zooming until you something milky gives you a wet signal down there.

Mizsthicknesz is thick and proud of it, as she boasts on one of her pictures:

"Don't miss out on a blessing, just because it is not packaged the way you expect!"

Shout out to the ladies out there, this lady here has just won lotta folks over to the ThickLadiesGang.

Plus-size is turning out to be plus-sexy!